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Don't Neglect the Floor of Your Core: Why Pelvic Muscle Strength Is Critical For a Well Balanced Exercise Routine

By Andrew Siegel, M.D. March 13, 2015
Why Pelvic Muscle Strength Is Critical For Your Core

We hear a lot about the importance of strengthening our “core” muscles. Most exercise programs focus on our abdomen, hip, and lower back muscles. However, there are deeper core muscles - known as the pelvic floor muscles - that are often neglected, particularly by men. These muscles play a very significant role in supporting our overall sexual, urinary, and bowel health.

Kegel Exercises For Men & Women: How To Experience Bigger, Better, And Longer Orgasms

By Andrew Siegel, M.D. March 2, 2015
Kegel Exercises How to Experience Better Orgasms

The human body is a remarkable machine. The more it is pushed to its limits, the stronger it becomes. When it comes to sex, the body reacts in a similar fashion. It is capable of producing stronger and more intense orgasms when the pelvic muscles that help control sexual function are used and strengthened.