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Beyond Drugs & Pumps: A New Approach to the Management of Erectile Dysfunction

By Andrew Siegel, M.D. July 31, 2015

30 million men suffer with erectile dysfunction in the USA and with longevity on the rise, more and more men will emerge with sexual issues. Traditional ED treatments focus on increasing blood flow to the penis, which is essential to erectile function. However, other vital contributing factors include the nervous system and the pelvic floor muscles, which can now be tapped into, thanks to emerging technologies.

Tips For Keeping Your Penis In Shape

By Paul R. Nelson, President, Erectile Dysfunction Foundation July 28, 2015
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In our culture, we tend to treat the penis as if it is not a fully integrated part of the male body. All the rules that apply to overall physical fitness, health, and nutrition apply to the reproductive system as much as to any other part of the body. Most men tend to ignore their penis when it comes to physical fitness. The penis and its surrounding organs and glands need regular care and exercise just like any other part of the body.

Viberect and Private Gym: A Safe, Effective, Drug-Free Therapy For Treating Erectile Dysfunction

By Private Gym Contributor July 14, 2015
Private Gym and Viberect Combine to Offer Drug Free ED Therapy

The Private Gym, the first FDA registered pelvic muscle exercise program, and Reflexonic, the makers of the Viberect, the first FDA approved penile nerve stimulation device, announced a partnership to bring a new, revolutionary, pharmaceutical-free approach to the treatment of ED.

How to Minimize and Reverse the Impact of Prostate Cancer Surgery

By Andrew Siegel, M.D. July 7, 2015

Prepare for and Recover From Prostate Cancer

Having your prostate removed is an effective means of curing prostate cancer. Unfortunately, because of the prostate’s “precarious” location at the crossroads of the urinary and genital tracts, its removal can cause unwanted side effects. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles prior to and after surgery can reduce the urinary and sexual negative effects of the surgery.

How To Make Orgasms More Orgasmic

By Andrew Siegel, M.D. July 3, 2015

This is a perfect blog topic for Independence Day, celebrated across the USA with fireworks!

The human body is a remarkable machine. The more it is pushed to its limits, the stronger it becomes. When it comes to sex, the body reacts similarly. When the pelvic muscles are strengthened, the body is capable of experiencing more explosive and intense orgasms.