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Using the Private Gym Male Kegel Exercise Program: Real Experiences & Feedback from our Customers

By David Mandell March 2, 2018

real experiences with the Private Gym male kegel exercises

We get great feedback from our customers all the time. As you can imagine, it runs the entire spectrum. I get daily emails from men expressing how much the program has helped them regain their youthful erections to guys expressing their complete surprise that the Private Gym actually reversed premature ejaculation. I also receive many emails from guys frustrated that they haven’t seen the improvements they were hoping for. We do our best to provide them advice and training tips. If all else fails, we simply refund their purchase with no questions asked.

However, every now and then, we get emails from customers who taught us something new. I wanted to share this particularly interesting email from TG who wanted to make sure we shared his insights with other users of the program: