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Benefits and Risks of Sex for Cancer Patients

By Virgil Anderson, Cancer Awareness Advocate March 8, 2017
Benefits and Risks for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients usually have significant others in their lives. Sex is a natural part of these relationships. There should be some questions surrounding sex as a lung-cancer patient, so take a close look at the benefits and risks to sex during this time period. Mesothelioma is a cancer that affects the lining of the lungs in older people. Because this type of lung cancer is often chronic, patients learn to live with the ailment for many years.

The Positive Effects of Touch

Whether a patient is in treatment or recovering from procedures, he or she may be too tired to perform any major sexual acts. Closeness is still important, however, so both individuals should dedicate some time to stroking and holding each other. The power of touch can calm a person, reduce their stress levels and make them forget about their worries for a short time. Each individual can do their best to please the other person as the benefits of touching and sexual sensations continue.

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Feeling "Normal"

The benefits of any sexual behavior as a cancer patient is simply feeling normal. If a patient performs any act that was normally part of the relationship before the disease occurred, the mind and body remember the sensation and associate it with better times. This normal sensation is mentally calming and can lead to fewer depressive moments. Anxiety and worry can melt away as the body feels positive sensations all over.

Releasing Good Hormones

Good hormones are released as patients feel a surge of emotions for their partners. These hormones are normally referred to as endorphins. When cancer patients go through any treatment, such as chemotherapy, stress hormones usually flood into the body's tissues. By performing a sensual act, endorphins can be the primary substances flowing through the body with benefits to every tissue.

Breathing Concerns

Although sexual relations are largely a boost to a patient's health, there are a few drawbacks. For patients with lung cancer, any strenuous activity can make breathing difficult. Patients may need to start out with basic activities with their partners and slowly add onto the movements. Everyone will have a different reaction to the sexual activity. If breathing becomes difficult, stop at once.

Possible Infection Issues

According to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, cancer patients should avoid intimate relations at the groin level when recovery should be the primary concern. After a cancer treatment, patients are vulnerable to infections. Germs can easily infect the urinary system, which reduces the immune system's strength to fight the cancer. Partners must keep their loved one's health in mind at this point and refrain from sexual relations. When recovery has passed, patients can discuss closeness with their partners at that point. According to Cancer Research UK, pain might also be a factor during a long fight with lung cancer. Partners need to be respectful of each other as they communicate their needs during this time. Being close and having sexual relations is a connection that cannot be replaced for any loving couple.

Virgil Anderson, Cancer Awareness Advocate