Erection Recovery Program

Are you one of more than 30 million men experiencing erectile dysfunction or the millions more that hope to improve erectile rigidity? Have you been diagnosed with prostate cancer or are you recovering from prostate cancer surgery, radiation or other treatments?

You can now take an active role in preventing and reversing erectile dysfunction and improving urinary control.

The Erection Recovery Program combines two cutting-edge therapies — the FDA and CE certified Viberect medical device and FDA-registered Private Gym — to improve sexual function by stimulating the nerves that produce erections and strengthening the muscles that maintain erections.

The program is safe, easy-to-use, and enjoyable.

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Cost Effective Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Traditional erectile dysfunction treatments are expensive.

In addition, ED medications and penile injections are short-term solutions that can cost thousands of dollars a year.

The Erection Recovery Program is the only therapy that may provide long-term results at a significantly lower cost.

New Approach to the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Few treatments actually prevent or reverse erectile dysfunction. Most therapies involve costly medications that have side effects, including oral pills, urethral suppositories and penile injections. Many men cannot take oral medications because of existing medical conditions or because of potentially harmful interactions with other medications. Many men cringe at the thought of inserting a suppository in their urethra or a sharp needle in their penis. Vacuum pumps can be helpful, but are no longer covered by Medicare.

The Erection Recovery Program combines vibratory nerve stimulation with pelvic floor muscle training for a natural approach that is simple to use, does not require a significant investment of time, has no side effects and is both gratifying and pleasurable.

Scientific, Effective, All-Natural Combination Therapy

Viberect is the first FDA & CE certified medical penile vibratory stimulation device that can help overcome many forms of sexual dysfunction, including difficulty obtaining and maintaining an erection, rigidity issues, erectile dysfunction occurring after prostate surgery, and ejaculatory and orgasmic dysfunction.

Viberect is approved in more than 70 countries for the treatment of ED and other sexual disorders.

The Private Gym is the first comprehensive, interactive, FDA-registered follow-along male pelvic floor muscle-training program.

Built upon the foundational work of Dr. Arnold Kegel, Private Gym empowers men to increase pelvic floor muscle strength, tone, power, and endurance. The step-by-step instruction is provided on DVD and online. The program incorporates resistance training to maximize pelvic muscle strength.

Viberect and Private Gym are clinically proven to help strengthen the male pelvic muscles and produce more rigid erections. A recent Tulane University study of Viberect in 105 patients with ED demonstrated Viberect to be as effective as ED injection medications with better acceptability.

The Erectile Dysfunction Foundation recently completed a four-month clinical trial on the Private Gym. 75% of study participants showed an improvement in erectile strength and rigidity, orgasm intensity, ejaculatory control and force, as well as greater confidence in sexual performance.

How It Works

Applied simultaneously to both the top and bottom of the head of the penis three to ten minutes before sex, Viberect’s patented vibratory stimulation technology stimulates the pudendal nerve and induces a release of nitric oxide that causes the penis to fill with blood.

As blood begins to flow into the penis, the pelvic muscles contract and act like a constriction ring, creating rigidity by forcing blood into the penis and trapping it.

The Private Gym’s interactive, follow-along program strengthens the muscles that power erections in less than ten minutes a day, three days a week. It is similar to having a private trainer for your pelvic muscles. The program gets progressively more challenging each week as the pelvic muscles strengthen and incorporates resistance training using magnetic weights that are placed on the erect penis and lifted up and down. The resistance training accelerates pelvic muscle growth and strength and erectile rigidity.

works in combination with erectile dysfunction medications

The Erection Recovery Program is designed specifically to work in combination with ED medications. For many men, these medications are needed to improve blood flow to the penis.

Preparing for and Recovering From Prostate Surgery

Radical prostatectomy has potentially life-changing side effects. The Erection Recovery Program is the first treatment that enables men to take an active role in preventing and reversing erectile dysfunction and urinary control issues resulting from prostate surgery.

Once diagnosed with prostate cancer, men usually have anywhere from four to eight weeks waiting time before surgery. This is a very emotional and psychologically disruptive time, while they wait and worry about the pending surgery.

The Erection Recovery Program gives men the ability to take control of the situation and focus on getting themselves both mentally and physically ready for the surgery. Following prostate surgery, The Erection Recovery Program enables the patient to take an active role in helping to reverse its negative side effects.

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Private Gym Complete Program

FDA approved follow-along male pelvic muscle exercise program

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Viberect Vibratory Device

FDA and CE certified for treatment of ED and ejaculatory dysfunction

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Erection Recovery Program

Combines vibratory nerve stimulation with pelvic floor muscle training

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