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Erectile dysfunction is present in about 40% of men by age 40 with about a 10% increase for each decade thereafter.

Erectile dysfunction can cause less rigid erections, premature loss of erections, the inability to achieve an erection and increased time before another erection can be achieved.

Drug-Free ED treatment

The pelvic floor muscles play an important role during erections, activating and engaging to help maintain penile rigidity and a skyward angling erection.

The Private Gym Pelvic Exercise Program for Men strengthens the pelvic muscles and can help to prevent and reverse erectile dysfunction. Numerous studies have documented the benefits of Kegel exercises for men in the management of erectile dysfunction.

“It’s as good as Viagra, without the cost and the side effects,” Dr. Grace Dorey, The New York Times, July 2014.

How it works

A penile erection is simple hydraulics—maximizing inflow of blood while minimizing outflow. The penis contains erection chambers that fill with blood, similar to inner tubes. These erection chambers are made of sinuses and an erection occurs when these sinuses become “congested” with blood.

The inflow of blood is caused by smooth muscle relaxation in the penile arteries and the sinuses of the erection chambers. As the sinuses fill up with blood, they compress penile veins to block the outflow of blood, leading to a tumescent penis (plump and expanded, but not rigid).

The pelvic floor muscles help transform a tumescent penis to a rigid penis. They compress the roots of the penis (the deep, inner part of the penis), enhancing rigidity and elevating the blood pressure within the penis so that it is well above systolic blood pressure. Essentially, an erect penis is a hypertensive penis (high blood pressure), and it is this tremendous pressure that causes bone-like rigidity.

As we age, the smooth muscle of our arteries stiffens. The smooth muscle of the penile arteries and sinuses of the erection chambers is also less able to relax, giving rise to ED. Additionally, our pelvic floor muscles weaken with age. With the stiffening of the smooth muscle and the weakened pelvic floor muscles, there is a perfect storm for erectile dysfunction, with failure of the penis to fill with blood and to store blood, leading to compromised penile hydraulics.

The Private Gym pelvic floor muscle training can be a very useful tool to improve ED. As your pelvic floor muscles become more robust, penile hydraulics should improve accordingly.

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