Strengthen the pelvic muscles for prostate health

By strengthening the pelvic muscles with the Private Gym, you can improve your overall prostate health.

While pelvic muscle exercises will not prevent prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, prostate infections, or eliminate the need for getting annual prostate examinations after age 40 - - they do will increase pelvic blood flow, which is beneficial for prostate health.

Preparing and Recovering From Prostate Surgery

Study after study demonstrates that men who strengthen their pelvic floor prior to undergoing prostate surgery or radical prostatectomy greatly reduce the after-effects of incontinence and erectile dysfunction. After surgery, it is also critical to continue to strengthen the pelvic floor to help reverse many of the damaging side effects. The Private Gym is simply the best program to strengthen your pelvic muscles and is the program to use before and after prostate surgery.

Age-related prostate inflammation

Age-related prostate enlargement has been associated with inflammation, which exercise can help diminish. For those men who wish to maintain prostate health, a healthy lifestyle and exercise that includes cardio, resistance, core, flexibility and pelvic floor training is a winning combination.

Watch how Private Gym can strengthen the pelvic muscles for prostate health

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