“It's as good as Viagra, without the cost and the side effects.”

Training Kit

The first FDA registered exercise program that strengthens the muscles that support and control the penis, bladder, prostate and bowels.

In less than 10 minutes a day, 3 days a week, the Private Gym’s training program:

  • Creates harder erections
  • Prevents premature ejaculation
  • Produces more powerful orgasms
  • Enables greater ejaculatory force
  • Alleviates incontinence
  • Improves prostate health


My partner noticed a difference immediately,
After using the Private Gym...boy did it come back!
I am a testament that it does work!

How The Private Gym Program Works

Squeeze, release. Maybe you’ve heard of Kegel exercises for women. Strengthening the pelvic muscles is just as important for men.

We’ve worked with the world’s leading urologists, physiotherapists and sexual health experts to develop the most effective Kegel exercise program for men. Easy-to-follow, the Private Gym Program is guaranteed to improve sexual performance, urinary conditions and prostate health.

Better & Longer Lasting Sex Through Exercise

Better & longer lasting sex through exercise

No more worrying about your performance in the bedroom. The Private Gym gives you the ability and confidence to satisfy your partner every time. Our FDA registered program is proven to prevent and reverse premature ejaculation - the #1 sexual condition impacting men of all ages. Private Gym is safe, all natural, and provides results in just a few short weeks. Guaranteed.

Four Week Basic Training

Four Week Basic Training

Interactive DVD Guided Exercise Program
Includes free online access to the training videos!
$59.99 + free shipping

Eight Week Complete Training

Eight Week Basic Training

Interactive DVD Guided Exercise Program + Resistance Equipment
Includes free online access to the training videos!
$99.99 + free shipping

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The science is simple

The science is simple

The muscle system that supports the penis is complex, but the science behind how the Private Gym Program works is simple. Exercise a muscle and it gets stronger. The pelvic muscles control the penis. The Private Gym’s interactive workout program strengthens these muscles and the results are simply amazing. The Private Gym:

  • Creates harder and longer lasting erections
  • Reduces premature ejaculation and heightens orgasms
  • Alleviates incontinence, overactive bladder and post void dribbling
  • Improves prostate health

The Private Gym is right for you

Private Gym is for you

Why do healthy men go to the gym? The answer is simple: to get stronger and continually improve their bodies.

As we age, we continue to exercise to maintain our muscles and reverse conditions as they arise. The same is true for your pelvic muscles. If you are young and healthy, make your erections even harder. Improve your performance time. And if you are older, regain your youthful sexual, urinary, and prostate health.

What makes the Private Gym so effective

Private Gym is effective

Whether you are working out your biceps, legs, or any other muscle group, the most effective routines carefully combine exercises that properly isolate the muscles.

The medical experts behind the Private Gym developed the most effective program to isolate and train the pelvic muscles.

Add the Private Gym Program to your routine and get noticeable results in just a few weeks.